This opinion is submitted to reflect my original intent of what appeared on The Lens’ website (now retracted) “Does Anybody Really Want ‘Parkettes’ along the St. Claude Corridor?”

In cutting it down to size for an Op-Ed, I lost sight of the components that had originally led me to infer the intricacies of the relationships involved. I have also made changes in light of some errors. And although this opinion benefits from The Len’s initial publication, any errors are mine, and mine alone.

All quotations are accounted for. For readability purposes, I am not hyper-linking each citation at this time.  However for verification purposes I will post a document in the coming days that lists each and every reference made. In the meantime, feel free to google a quote with Neighborland, Candy Chang or Dan Parham in the search box. You’ll find it.

-Christine P. Horn